Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coffee Break Ver. 1.5

Thanks Jan for this week's Coffee Break. Very timely indeed! It's all about Health and Wellness.

To answer the question....
How committed are you to health and fitness?

I started to be health conscious after we got married. I enrolled myself in the gym and as much as possible I don't indulge myself in junk foods. I prefer to drink juices over sodas. I try to get enough hours of sleep wherever I can.

Hubby is not into the gym but his work requires physical strength so for him, it's a free workout already...hehehe. He loves juices over sodas as well but the only issue is that he loves chocolates and chichirya. Then he can play DOTA for 8-10 straight hours that he tends not to take a pee. I bet that's the main culprit why he has a kidney stone now.

Hubby learned his lesson the hard way this time and I'm sure he will never forget it.


Anonymous said...

Nyaks! I'm supposed to go to gym today pero tinamad ako. I guess im not that committed. Hehe.

Too bad your hubby have to learn his lesson this way. But honestly, it could've been less complcated if he just listened to you before.

Malalampasan nyo rin to.

Unknown said...

As I told you before, my Hubby had a child-like ways and one of them is being stubborn.

Anyways, yung stubborn nya eh di uubra sa stubborn ko lalo na pag inis na talaga ako...hehehe.

Hoopefully eh makikinig na sya dahil kung hindi, papaluin ko na sya talaga! =P