Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.4

Our weekly coffee break topic courtesy of Jan.

For this week's topic, it's gonna be all about SCARY MOVIES. I like scary movies as long as I watched them with someone/somebody. Hehehehe! Otherwise, I can't stand watching it all by myself.

My mind has a tendency to be way over imaginative...hehehe.

Now, the question will be...

What are your top 3 scariest movies?

Freddy VS Jason
I don't have Top 3 but I definitely have the most scariest movie for me. I haven't watched any movies of Nightmare on Elm Street or any films of Jason. I got to watched though the movie where Freddy and Jason are there.

The scenes are really gruesome and morbid. After watching it, I can't stop myself from thinking about repeatedly. Good thing I get over it. I don't want to have nightmares where Freddy is present. Or being paranoid that Jason is lurking somewhere waiting for his time to slash you into pieces. Eeeew!

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