Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.3

Posted by Jan for this week's coffee break =)

Graduation is a milestone in every student's life. It signifies both the beginning and the end. It marks the beginning of another chapter of one's life. It's a breakthrough. It's a turning point. It is the beginning of memories to be cherished. Yet, it also marks the end of one's simpleness. One's uncomplicated way of looking at things.

Photo by FreeRangeStock

We all have our own graduation songs in High School. Those that give us goosebumps whenever we hear it on the radio. That particular song that leaves us reminiscing about those not so recent past. And this week's coffee break leaves you with this simple question:

What was your High School Graduation song?
Ours was FAREWELL by Raymond Lauchengco.
Yesterday, I attended my brother's grade school graduation in Orchard Golf & Country Club (DasmariƱas Cavite). Their graduation song was "Thanks to You".

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