Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Caylabne Beach Resort

Last Sunday, our company which is CAI-STA had it's Annual Summer Outing in Caylabne Bay Resort located in Ternate Cavite.

Our meeting place will be in our head office in PBCOM Bldg at 5:30am. It was so early that I'm tempted not to go but since I have my name listed, I had no choice. Otherwise, I have to pay the amount shouldereed by the company per person. I woke up at 4:30am and around 5:35am, I was at PBCOM. The HR staff was giving out McDonald's breakfast for the company's employees.

Rod was there and he saved me & Con a breakfast meal (sweet gay buddy of mine). After a few minutes, Con arrived and we decided to eat our breakfast inside the bus. We want to have the last seats at the bus so we can do whatever we want and make noise without distrubing anyone...hehehe.
We left Makati at 6:30 am. Our bus take the route going to Kawit Cavite. I was thinking that it will probably be much shorter ride compared taking the route of Aguinaldo Highway. We passed Puerto Azul and even asked the guard there if we are on the right track. It took us a total of 3 hours to reach Caylabne. Whew!
Upon arriving at the resort, there were other companies who were having their company outing as well but the place is still spacious ;) It's not that crowded and you can still move around freely. Jem and Ava were in-charge for registration and games. Upon registering, they gave us a colored scarf that represents the team we belong.

We have 3 games for the morning. However, I was not able to contribute to our team. Our game happens to be a NAME GAME. You will need to memorize the names of the opponent team. I was not listening at that time to the emcee so I didn't get all the names. Sorry, my brain is not working at that time...hehehe.

After the games, we can do whatever we want. Rod, Con and I strolled around the resort and even reached the breakwater where a few men where fishing....ahahaha! It was 11am and it's scorching hot! (good thing I have a sunblock lotion) After taking pictures we went back to our camp for our lunch.
The food is okay. Not too exciting. I think it depends on the package that we avail. Well, ours was nothing extravagant. Good thing that the prizes that we have in our games was junkies like Pringles, Ruffles, Doritos, etc. Hubby will love these munchies. Too bad he didn't come with me since he has to work.

After our lunch, we look around the resort for a Henna Tattoo artist. Unfortunately, there is no one on that day. We retired back to our camp and have "chikahan" with Jem with picture taking in between.
4pm we took our shower and gathered all our stuff. Loading time is 5pm so again, we hurried to the bus so we can seat in our usual place. Going back home was fun since we are the only ones who are making the noise. Almost everyone in the bus are asleep. This time, it took us more tham 3 hours to get home since we need to stop at a Jollibee store to buy food. The afternoon snacks provided to us didn't make us full.
I arrived in QC at 9pm. I didn't bother to eat and just went straight to bed. Tiring but fun day!


Larry said...

Wow, summer na summer na sa Pinas.

Unknown said...

Korek! Imagine, it was reported on the news that the temperatire here reaches 37 degress celsius.