Monday, March 3, 2008

What's in a Name?

Probably all of you are wondering why the name of my blogsite and my multiply site is REEJANE. Who is she? What's her relationship to me?

Well, I just discovered this name when I was reading a novel during my college days. I was not able to finished the book though. I got interested in the name since it's unique and I never encountered or known anyone with this kind of name. I told hubby that if we will be having a daughter, I want her to have the name Reejane. Then we could just add a second name.

Now, the challenge will be having a unique boy's name that starts with the letter R.
Hubby's name is spelling...hehehehe. His first name is Randiej (pronounce as Randy). Many people mispronounced his name. They always say it with the letter j at the end (sounds Randij). When I asked him who gave that name, his aunt told me that his father did. He just spiced up the name by changing the spelling. That's what you call being creative...hehehe.

About my name, there's nothing unique about it. Probably it was when I was born but nowadays, there are a lot females who have that same spelling as my name. According to my mother, they just combined their names (typical parents they are since I'm the eldest). My father's name is Jun and my mom is Anicia...add them together and put a flair equals Joanne.

I'm happy with my name though. My friends call me Jo or Jojo. I just don't like being called Joanna. I don't know why...

Every one of us has a different origin/s and story(ies) behind our names. It's either we get used to it or changed it.

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