Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Date with Hubby

Wooohooo! We had our date yesterday and I asked hubby if we can go to Trinoma since we've never been there before... (isn't it weird? hehehe...tamad kasi si hubby lumabas ng bahay...yeah, that's his reason...nakakatamad lumabas ng bahay...sheesh).

SATURDAY: I made sure that he will take me to Trinoma. I even make a record of it using his cellphone....hehehe. Here goes the voice recorded:
Me: San tayo date sa Sunday? Trinoma?
Hubby: Trinoma
Me: Sure?
Hubby: Maybe
Me: Ayoko ng maybe
Hubby: Oo na

SUNDAY: Before we left our place, he was negotiating if we could go somewhere else:
Hubby: Sure ka na gusto mo sa Trinoma?
Me: Kahit saan basta wag lang sa SM Manila...sawa na ko (bad ba?! =P)

So hubby didn't say anything after that. Once we were of the house, I just followed him. I was thinking where are we going (Manila or Trinoma?). I was giddy inside when we commute going to Welcome Rotonda. Finally! I convinced Hubby to go to Trinoma...hehehehe.

Inside Trinoma, we looked for an ATM first so hubby can withdraw then off we went to their Cinemas which is not hard to find. Trinoma is a bigger version of Glorietta (owned by Ayala as well). After having our cinema tickets, Hubby bought a Gatorade...he needs a liquid supply since he still has the cough. Then off we go to Cinema 7 to watched 10,000 B.C. Afterwards, we had our dinner in Pizza Hut which took us like 10-15 minutes to get a table. We just ordered a Regular Bacon Burger Pizza with Cheesy Pops and two regular red iced tea (konti namin kumain noh?!) =D

Then off we went to the grocery. Need to refresh our stock of personal hygiene must-haves. Then we went home and call it a day.

I was happy with our date kahit simple lang. Hoping we could go back there. Have to convinced
hubby again....


Happymommi said...

nkk ligaw sa trinoma noh? hehehe

Unknown said...

Hehehehe. Di naman masyado Ü Yun nga lang di pa ako familiar sa line-up ng mga stores nila. Di bale, babalik din kami ulit dun..hehehe