Monday, March 17, 2008

Step Up 2 (The Streets)

My plans for Saturday changed. Due to miscommunication with my other peers we were not able to visit the baby of our friend. Sigh! I feel bad. I really want to visit. Hopefully I could do it this week since Thursday and Friday is holiday so I don't have to go to work.

Anyways, hubby asked me if we could watched a movie on Saturday afternoon. Sort of like our weekly date...hehehe. So off we went to SM Manila (hubby needs to go to work after our date and this is the only mall that is near to his work). I got to select the movie that we weill be watching. Naturally, I chose Step Up 2 since I sooo love dancing. I like the dance steps. The songs in the movie are cool and upbeat. Just the way I like it. The moves are complicated since the theme is street dancing. The movie left me in awe.
I vowed that I will buy the sountrack album of the movie and the DVD of course :) Hubby is just smiling at me. He knows that I love to dance. Unfortunate for him, he haven't seen me dance yet...ahahaha!

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