Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preps for a Birthday

I'm helping my Kumare who is currently in Dubai prepare for the 1st Birthday of her only child Aidan Roi. The birthday will be in May and she wants to make sure that everything is well-prepared.

I've never planned for a kid's birthday although I assume that it's not much of a difference preparing a wedding, ayt?!

I've sent her an email and given her the websites of
Yan Ple, John Aguas and Ging Lorenzo. She mentioned on her email that she wants a budget-friendly photo and video package. Based from N@Wies who have organized their children's parties, these are the famous suppliers they highly vouched for.
The last time I saw my inaanak was last June of 2006. His just a month old back then. The above picture was taken last year of December. So obviously, his much bigger now. I wonder if the shoe that I bought for him as my Christmas gift will still fit???

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