Monday, March 17, 2008

Pacquiao and Marquez: Part 3?

As early as 8am, I switched on the TV to see if there is anything news or footage for the Pacquiao-Marquez rematch. Naturally, I didn't see any. It's way too early...hehehe. So while waiting for hubby to come home from work, I was watching Dragon Ball Z @ a local TV station (yeah, there's a part of me that wanting to watch this anime).

Hubby arrived past 8:30 am. I joined him for breakfast then afterwards we went to our room and checked Solar Sports channel that was around 9:30 am. They are showing his match with Solis at that time. Then afterwards, they shown the first match between the Pacman and Dinamita. That was 4 years ago and I vaguely remember what happened at that time. I was surprised to see that on the 1st Round, Pacquiao was able to knockdown Marquez 3x. Wow! That was something. That's probably the reason why he was asking for a rematch. Even if I was a boxer and the decision is DRAW, I would have asked for a rematch as well.

After the footage of their first encounter, they started the program for the Rematch of Manny and Juan Manuel. There will be 3 undercard match before the main event. I'll tell you, I was bored watching the undercard bouts. Hubby and I fell asleep. Good thing when we woke up, the main event haven't started yet.

We are switching the channels from Channel 7 to Solar Sports. In fairness to GMA, they are ahead of Solar Sports. So we stick to watching with 7. The only bad thing about it is they have too many commercials...sheesh! Ciara Sotto sang the Philippines National Anthem. For the National Anthem of USA, it was a teenage girl with a Filipino-Mexican heritage. I forgot her name but she looks like a Filipino.

The first 2 rounds are in favor to Marquez. Pacquiao at that time is not yet doing anything special. On the 3rd round, he surprised everyone when he knocked down Marquez. Too bad it only happened once...hehehe. Due to the knockdown, Juan Manuel slowed down his moves that made Manny take the 4th round. For the next 3 rounds, it's all in favor of Marquez. Actually the scores are in seesaw. To sum it all up, it was a close fight between the two champs. I was actually expecting that the match will be a DRAW but lo and behold! Pacquiao won the match by split decision... The stunned look on Marquez face and his team when the announcer declared who the winner was.

Due to this result, I bet that there will be a part 3 for this 2 fighters. Juan Mauel's camp will not let Manny let off the hook with the title so easily.

If there will be a 3rd match, Pacman needs to prove that his worthy to have the championship belt .

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