Monday, March 3, 2008


Haven't you noticed that my posting is all about the GOOD OLE 80's? Hehehehe... There are just some music and movies that are hard to get rid off our system so pardon me amigos and amigas =)

Apart from the theme song of Mannequin, the other single that I love to play over and over again is "Kokomo" from the Beach Boys. It's a perfect choice of music since it's summer (technically it's supposed to be sunny) and makes me want to hit the beach, have some fun and just chillin' around. Or it would be nice if your in a yacht, hopping from one island to another. Isn't it the nature of that song? Visiting the famous Florida keys? Oooh-lala! Whew! I'm drifting to Dreamalandia now...hehehe.

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