Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Heat is On

Just like the lyrics of the song with the above title, SUMMER is definitely here! Have you noticed the change in the weather and most especially the temperature? INIT! As in!

Normally I never really drink much glasses of water unless if it's during the meal time. But now, I always got thirsty that even I'm just plain watching TV in our room, I have to go to the kitchen and quench my thirst.

Yesterday evening before I go to bed, I was having a chitchat with my hubby's niece (she stayed with us for 3 days and 2 nights). She's a 7 year-old kid and a natural chatterbox...hehehehe. She was saying that her Tito Randiej before (when he was single) always used the aircon that was in our room but when we got married, he never uses the AC anymore. This made me smile since I knew the answer to her narration-question sentence. I told her to asked his Tito Randiej why is that. So she immediately asked my hubby. And of course, his answer is that the electric bill will hike up like it normally does when they used the AC before. From their normal bill of 2k it will jump right into 4k!

But even if that's the effect of using AC at homes with the electric bill, I noticed that a lot of people still purchase AC units or air cooler during the summer months. I bet they can't stand the heat...hehehe. I don't mind using electric fan for the meantime, it's still serve it's purpose for me. Hubby on the other hand is thinking of buying an air cooler...hmmm... I wonder if theirs any difference between using an Air Cooler and AC on the electricity bill...

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