Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GO Signal

Me and hubby were so worried on how to tell his aunt that we are moving out of the house. Right after our wedding, we stayed in their house and we knew that his aunt wants us to stay their for good (that's what we heard).

Hubby called me a couple of hours ago and informed me that he finally called his aunt and told her that we are moving on our own apartment. I nervously asked him the reaction of his aunt and he said that it was OK with her. She even asked hubby if the place is safe.

Whew! What a relief! We can move out without worrying or having any bad feelings with his aunt. Hubby even told his brother the same thing that we are moving out and his okay with it as well. Yey!

So, this is it! Were on our OWN now. Another change(s) in our lives and it's only the first quarter of 2008.

More surprises and excitement (?) coming our way in the coming months. I BET!

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