Monday, March 31, 2008

Tiring but Fruitful

That's what hubby and I experienced last weekend. We bought a few cleaning materials needed for our "spic and span" project =) Both of us were exhausted but it felt good (for me) because I realized that we made a great team and cleaners...ahahaha! Hubby sacrificed of not getting a rest after 12 hours of work for 2 days just to clean up the apartment. The weekend is not enough to make our place "homey" like we wanted. Hopefully, hubby will be back on Wednesday and Thursday (his day offs) to put up the vinyl tiles in the living room area without my assistance since I have to work.

Will post the pictures here soon once the apartment is A-OK... so stay tune =P


Gracie said...

wow, iba talaga 'pag inspired, no? :)

Unknown said...

hehehehe! korek ka sis! :)