Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm not referring to the brand of clothes or perfume but to my inaanak which I finally got to visit last Saturday. His real name is Clark Kyann so we call him CK. But to his parents, he has a pet name of bola. He is the 3-month old baby that I'm talking about in my previous blog entries that was diagnosed with Meningitis.

I arrived at Quirino Memorial Hospital in Project 4 at 11:30am. Ryan and Laine were there taking turns to check CK in ICU. I can tell from the look on their face the weary and lack of sleep. Lalaine accompanied me to the Pediatric ICU. We need to put on a robe and a slipper before we could come close to the baby. CK was sleeping peacefully and every once in awhile he was smiling. I bet that his guardian angel was playing with him at that time. There's no trace at all that he was sick. Good thing that they removed his detrox already. Hopefully, CK will fully recovered in a matter of a week or two before they can release him.

I stayed with them until 4:30pm since I have nothing to do at home. I chatted with them and catch up that was happening in our lives. Laine told me the cause of CK's Meningitis. It was his Pneumonia before that they thought was cured and gone. It went up to his brain and caused Meningitis. I have a strong gut feeling that this was the
Pneumococcal Disease that is reportedly to affect children in Asia. She told me that most of the children in the Pediatric Ward had Pneumonia.

Tha only way to prevent the Pneumococcal Disease is by having the IPD vaccine. Too bad, CK doesn't have this vaccine yet. Actually, according to his mom his vaccines are not yet complete since his just 3 months old.

I hope he will be okay soon. I'm looking forward for his 1st Birthday in December.


Jacque said...

i hope he gets well soon. :)

Unknown said...

thanks sis! :)

Larry said...

hi JO!, hope tuloy-tuloy na recovery ni CK and sna wla ng mga implications. Send my regards to the sari family.

Unknown said...

Sure Larry ;) I will. Babalik na si Ryan sa katapusan jan sa Singapore