Saturday, March 1, 2008


If you haven't noticed, yesterday I was not able to put anything on my blog. I was so stucked with work and I have a lot of things to do that day. No time for me to blog on anything at all. My mind is preoccupied with work. After all of my tasks in the office are done, I have to get out of the office asap since I will be going to my grandma's house in Cavite and the traffic scenario is so hard to bear.

Well, tough luck for me. I left the office past 5pm. Went to MOA so I can take a van heading to DasmariƱas. I thought I was fortunate that the van will need one more passenger for it to leave the terminal. I was that passenger and off we go at 6pm. The driver told us that we will not take the route of Aguinaldo since the cars, buses and other private vehicles are not moving. He decided to take the route of Zapote via Quirino Avenue. It was smooth sailing at first. But the horror came when we reached the road going to Molino. The scenario in Aguinaldo Highway is almost the same! Bumper to bumper traffic! Other passengers are complaining. I on the other hand just let it go. After all, we can't do anything about it. I fell asleep every once in awhile during the trip.

I arrived at my grandma's house at 10pm.I was planning to go online and chat with my aunt but I'm exhausted and I just want to eat and rest.

Whew! I'm not sure if the rally in Makati has something to do with all the traffic in Metro area. I just hope that I won't have to endure that again.

This is the only topic I could think of for now... I'm still BUSY helping my brother with his scrapbook project. Good thing that hubby is so cool to let me stay here in Cavite for the weekend.

Time for me to go for now... need to go back with the task at hand....hehehe. My next entry will be tomorrow =)

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