Sunday, March 23, 2008

Breaking the News

Hubby and I are having trouble on how to tell his aunt that we are moving out of the house. Just last week we found an apartment in Makati City and made a downpayment last Friday. Speedy eh?! =D

It's not that big compared to the house that we are staying now but it's good for the two of us. Also the rent is cheap considering it's in Makati...hehehe. Aside from that, the landlady assures the safety of the place since the apartment is within their family compound.

I have mixed emotions about moving on our own - excited and nervous at the same time.

But before we could actually move to our "own place", we have to tell the news to his aunt. We have to come up with a good reason and explain it well. I wonder how will she handle it...


Apols said...

wow, congrats. you made the right decision haha. :D

wala na ko pwede pa i comment heheehe!

Unknown said...

Ahahaha! Di pa nga namin nasasabi. Bahala na si Randy since Aunt naman nya yun. Mahirap na kung sa akin manggagaling