Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Apartment Hunt

Last weekend I texted hubby that I really want us to have a place of our own even if we have to rent it for the meantime. Though I have no issues with his brother and aunt but still I feel uncomfortable. Right after the wedding when we decided to stay temporarily to his aunt's place, I've always known in my heart that this is not my HOME and that I will not be at ease moving around the house. That is the reason why I'm always at our room and I easily get bored that I always want to go out of the house.

I told hubby that we should move out either next month, May or in June. Even if it's a 1BR space as long as were together and I can move freely and do the things that I want. I also want us both to be independent and to work as a team in establishing our family (that includes learning household chores).

Right now, the search is on. Our target place is in Makati that is near to LRT station so hubby won't have a hard time commuting to work.

These are one of the few changes that will happen to us for 2008.

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