Tuesday, March 11, 2008


If there was a group such as this I will definitely be a member or even an officer...ahahaha!

Kidding aside, even before I married Hubby I was perfectly aware of his addiction to DOTA Allstars. It's not a biggie for me since at that time we are not living in the same roof. I let him play the game as long as he wants. He probably thinks I'm COOL with it.

But living together and seeing him so engrossed with it, is a different story. He tends to forget that I'm on the other room waiting for him or the fact that he needs to go to work (yeah he will sometimes be absent just to play the game or fixed the internet). He can play 8 hours straight (his only break is going to the restroom).

I talked to him and let him know that it's not wrong to play the game as long as he knows how to manage his time. He needs to prioritize the important things first before the game. Granted that that's the only vice that he has but they are other essential things in life aside from playing DOTA. I explained to him that there is a real world out there that he needs to deal with.

Good thing with hubby after our last talk (last attempt to resolve) about this ISSUE (that was January of this year), he minimize his playing hours. He learned to manage time one step at a time. And I really appreciate that he took an extra effort to work it out. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE HUBBY. I don't just like the thought of him so hooked up with the game that he will forget the people around him and his work. I know that he will be having a hard time to get rid the game out of his system. That's fine with me. All I'm asking is TIME MANAGEMENT & KNOWING YOUR PRIORITIES.

That's the main reason why I'm so allergic to DOTA. I HATE IT. It almost messed up my relationship with hubby and his job because of it. I still let him play the game when I'm not around since I will not be there to see or hear it. Or sometimes he will just play for like 30 mins if I'm around.

Am I wrong ???
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