Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 Things Why I Love Hubby

Okay... I felt somehow guilty since I rant almost the negative things that Hubby did because of his passion in playing DOTA....hehehe.

To make it up to him (though his not reading this blog but his aware that I have one), I will list the things that make me want to spend my life with him:

1. His not strict/control freak
2. His huggable like a Teaddy Bear or a huge pillow...hehehe
3. He has child-like traits that I find cute
4. He is a sport when I tease him
5. He has no vice other than playing DOTA
6. He is more malambing than me and takes care of me
7. He easily forgives me when I did something wrong
8. Patient and Kind
9. He is Faithful and Loyal
10. Lastly, he LOVES me more than anything

Writing these stuff in my blog, made me MISS him more...
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