Friday, February 22, 2008


At long last! After my nonexistence in the gym for a week, I finally got to wind up yesterday

I missed sweating myself...hehehehe. I'm starting to worry that my muscles will get rusty as before. I don't want to come across bodyaches . Once is enough for me...hehehe.

I just hope that I will not be a sloppy individual again. Just thinking about it, I want to scold myself over and over for being so careless. Can't recall where I exactly last kept my Fitness First ID. I have no choice but to ask for a new ID which costs me PHP 400. Yeah! It's quite steep for an ID but I have no choice. Otherwise, I can't crash to the gym.

My moral lesson: To be finicky on important things. Right now, I'm keeping the ID in my wallet. Before, I always put it on the pocket of my bag. I'd better be cautious now. I don't want to spend another 400 for an ID. Twice is too much. Otherwise I have to wear that ID around my neck at all times

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