Friday, February 15, 2008

The Winner of Amazing Race Asia 2 are....

Too bad I was not able to watch this since we don't have AXN channel at home. But according to my female friend, Marc and Rovilson didn't win the Amazing Race Asia 2.....SO SAD. I was hoping that they could bag this last pitstop. After all, they managed to be the first placer in 8 out of the 11 pitstops.

The lucky winners for this race are Collin and Adrian of Singapore. Most of the time they always come in 2nd place but they managed to win the last pitstop.

Vanessa and Pamela came in 2nd place while Marc and Rovilson was the last team to arrive. Who would've thought that they will be the 3rd on the last pitstop? You can never really tell what lies ahead.

In a good way, Marc and Rovilson will take home a lot of prizes from being the 1st placer on the 8 pitstops and they have a long media exposure in whole Asia...hehehehe.


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Irmee said...

Hi, I was able to watch the replay last Sunday, and like you I was disappointed, you know naman kampi sa Pinoy, but their only roadblock was Rovilson inability to identify the flags, kainis. Di bale guapo naman ng mga representative natin, hehehe...