Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today I feel... Tomorrow I like..

Tagged by Abie. Sorry for the late response to your tag :)

1. Today I feel very— relaxed...thanks to the long weekend
2. I enjoy — travelling...going to places I've never been to
3. I am unhappy when - hubby is trapped in his own world...ahahaha!
4. I feel good when - I did what is expected of me at work
5. I wish my boss - would improve her management skills still
6. My officemates think - I'm young (yeah, young at heart!)
7. My work area is - spacious and has a few stuffs to keep me company
8. I enjoy reading about - general info, true to life stories
9. I like myself best when - I just have taken a bath...hehehe
10. If I had a choice I would - work abroad with hubby
11. I wish - that me and my hubby will have a good 2008
12. Tomorrow I would like to - blog more and source more =P

I'm passing this to Rhoda, Sujee and Raquel.

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