Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still on the Dreamland

I'm still in the "Dreamland" up to this point.... Sigh! How I wish that I could stay longer in Tagaytay yesterday but I can't afford to be on leave for a long period of time. Why?

1. I'm not yet a regular employee. If I will take a leave it will be "LEAVE W/O PAY" which hurts badly on my pocket.
2. No budget yet for long vacations....hehehe.
3. I have to convince hubby in taking vacations (yeah, you could say that his the party pooper between the two of us). If we have to plan vacations, it should be plan ahead of time.

I'm still not in the mood to work.... I told my officemates that I left my brain in Tagaytay yesterday and I have to go back there and get it...Ahahaha! Come to think of it, I've been diligently present at work w/o lates for almost 4 straight months! Wow! Yesterday was the 1st time I took a leave after our wedding last October.

How I wish that the month of April is here... so I could be a regular employee and entitled to have valid leaves...hehehe. And of course, it's summer time! First Summer Destination is Puerto Galera with my colleagues here in the office :)

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