Monday, February 11, 2008

NO Amazing Race Asia for Me =(

I was so excited and rooting for Marc and Rovilson on Amazing Race Asia 2. I really want to watch the final episode. So last Saturday I started flipping through channels on the TV in our bedroom to look for AXN channel. After reaching 60 channels, I didn't see any AXN at all!

So I asked hubby about the channels and he told me that there is no AXN Channel on Destiny! What the?! I can't believe it. I even sworn to myself that I will watch it but now it's impossible =(
My last resort is to have someone/somebody who is kind enough to record the show this coming Thursday night for me...

Any takers, please? Ü


Mec said...

sister... maybe you can just download the episode in limewire... since our cable provider is also destiny, we watched the amazing race thru downloads lang :)

not a follower of the asia one tho

Unknown said...

hello mec!
bawal kasi downloads dito sa office eh =(