Monday, February 18, 2008

Let's Talk About S3X

I apologize if I can't complete the word s**. Our IT here in the office restricted opening sites that has the S word. If we open one, it will automatically close.

Back to the topic. I should've blog this last week but there are things going on my mind that I forgot to write this. As the saying goes, it's better to be late than never :)

Two weeks ago, on Saturday night I was watching the Tyra Banks Show (Yep! I'm fond of watching her show...hehehe). Their special and only guest was
Sue Johanson, a Canadian writer, public speaker, registered nurse, s** educator and media personality.

There are a lot of questions from females and males alike in which I learned a lot. Since here in our country we are brought up in a conservative way, there are times that we are shy to discuss this topic among our friends and families. But there are a lot of things we should know and be aware of especially if it concerns our reproductive health and being safe.

It's really interesting because she covers every field about S**. Most of the guests that are on the show are not yet married so you can just imagine their questions that even surprises Sue (Yeah! There are some weird questions she encountered on the show). One example is that a girl asked if they could use OIL as lubricant (not sure what type of oil it was). Sue advised that it's better to use lubricants that are available in the pharmacy or used saliva. Using other liquids can irritate the genital parts. I forgot the other weird questions but most of them has something to do with the s**xual intercourse.

For me, it's an educational topic. We should not be ashamed to know and asked. After all, having knowledge doesn't hurt. It's only how you practice that knowledge that it becomes bad.

I just hope and pray that when it's my time to have kids, I can explain to them clearly all about this stuff. Just thinking about it made me wish that they will be forever young Ü


Mec said...


seryoso sis, kung may s3x question ka, sakin mo tanong :D elementary pa lang ako, ako na s3x ed teacher ng friends ko :D

Unknown said...

really? sige, sis...pag may questions ako, ask kita...hehehehe. not really an expert into this area...promise!