Thursday, February 21, 2008

La Niña on Summer?

While preparing to go for work today, I was watching the news on TV. I heard both from the 2 local TV stations that the tail end of cold front will still be affecting Luzon. This means cloudy skies and scattered light rains on the coming days. Whereas, for Visayas and Bicol regions this may still trigger flashfloods and landslides.

According to PAG-ASA, they're expecting that this will end by March but it seems that will not be the case. Based on their recent forecast, this will continue till June. Sheeesh, climate nowadays are hard to predict. Blame it on the Global Warming.

Let's cross our fingers and hope that our "kababayans" in Visayas and Bicol will be safe and hopefully enjoy a rain-free summer. As of the latest, there are 10 people who died due to the landslides and flashfloods... Sigh! I think nature is giving us a lesson 101 in taking care of our environment. When will we ever learn???


Didi said...

I know! The weather is so unpredictable! Sigh.. I think I may have caught the cold.. Darnit!

Unknown said...

I know... good thing our company provided us a flu and pneumonia vaccine...
It's better to take Vit. C as a prevention.