Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hubby's Post Bday Celebration

As I mentioned on my previous blog entry, last Saturday afternoon hubby's aunt cook a few things for his post bday celebration.

Prior to the celebration, I have a meeting with a few friends in Greenbelt early morning. At 1pm, I was in MOA heading out to the gym for my dose of workout. Afterwards, I stopped by Red Ribbon for the cake. The I headed straight home.

Hubby have no idea that apart from the lunch treat in Sonya's Garden, I also bought him a cake and a white polo shirt as my add-on gifts (I'm the type of person who likes to give gifts...hehehe).

When he saw the cake and the polo shirt, he said to me "Andami mo namang pasalubong sakin". It felt good on my part when he said that. Honestly, my goal is for him to have a bday celebration which he never experienced before and I want him to feel that his special. I guess, I've accomplished it!

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY! Next year, I will do something different again...hehehe.

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