Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hubby's Dreams

Yesterday night, before me and hubby went to sleep we were catching up with each other's activities for the day and for the past few days.

Then he brought up the topic about his dreams. I was expecting that it was like the "so-so" dreams but this was made me looked at him for a very long time.

Hubby: I had a dream these past few days and it's always been the same dream.
Me: What is it?
Hubby: I was dreaming that you were pregnant.
Me (looked at huby for a long time): Really? Hmmm... Probably your always thinking about it so you always dream of that.
Hubby: Yeah, I think about it a lot. I really wanted for us to have a baby.

Awww... poor hubby. I told him that we can have a baby next year. It's not that I don't want to have a baby but I want us both to be physically, emotionally and financially ready for the baby. Also, not getting pregnant yet is a good opportunity for us to enjoy each other's company and to adjust.

So I told hubby that I will consult an OB first & ask if I'm healthy enough to have a baby and of course, it's better to have vaccines before getting pregnant. And he agreed. He told me to consult an OB right away...hehehehe.

Can't blame my hubby if he wants us to have a baby

His turning 31 this year


trinity said...

added you already sis...

good luck sa pag-pa-plan nang baby-making!!

Unknown said...

hehehehe! pa-consult muna ako sa OB ;)
gusto ko kasi may mga vaccines ako at saka syempre to check na ok ang health ko

Apols said...

wow baby plans na :)

hope it will be a breeze in the future.


Unknown said...

hehehehe! ang kulit kasi ni Randiej eh... di na makapaghintay =P