Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How to Deal with a Cheater

Being cheated in my opinion, is the worst thing that I don't want to encounter and have to go through. I never experienced being cheated on and hopefully I won't have to (crossing my fingers).

Last Saturday night in Tyra Banks show they tackle the ways on how people handle betrayal. They've given four (4) common reactions of people on how they cope with cheaters:
1. Revenge
One of the guests which is a female opted to seek vendetta by sleeping with his bf's friend
2. Forgiveness
This is self-explanatory. You forgive the jerk and give him another chance. In short, kiss and make-up (I don't think I can do that. Once is enough for me).
3. Denial
One guest, won't believe that his bf is cheating on her until she saw them. I think her motto was "To See is to Believe"...hehehehe.
4. Break-ups
If you can't stand being cheated on and want to end the game, then this is the best option ever! Well for me, it is =)

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