Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hectic but Happy Weekend

Yup! I was busy last weekend ...hooray!

Here is my itinerary for that whole weekend. It kept me busy and got me saved from boredom ville...hehehe.

Saturday morning - had a meeting with old friends in Greenbelt then in the afternoon I went to the gym for a workout. Headed straight home for hubby's post celebration eat feast!

Sunday afternoon - I went to visit my parents in Parañaque then off I went to MOA together with my younger siblings and cousins. Let's say I became a baby-sitter for that day! Ahahaha! But that's okay since they're not the annoying brats type. Come to think of it, I enjoyed playing in Timezone

Monday afternoon - hubby and I watched Vantage Point. We didn't get to buy something though since both of us are not in the mood. I'm not even sure why.
And now, it's Tuesday....time to snap back to reality

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