Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Celebrating Valentines Day...

For 4 years that me and my hubby had been together as bf-gf, we never really had the chance to celebrate Valentines Day in a special and grandeur way/s like other couples do.

The main reason is our different working schedules. There are times that both of us will be working on a night shifts or sometimes I will be working at night and him during the day. Up to now, we still have different schedules. So we never have plans for Valentines day since I will be at the office working on a day shift while he sleeps at home since he works on a night shift. Just like the other years that passed, we will just send a text message greetings of Happy Valentines Day with a smiley & the never-ending I
U message.

But my hubby is in for a surprise this year! We will celebrate Valentines Day and his birthday on Feb. 19 (2-in-1 Celebration) which his not aware of

I already took a leave for that day (that's hubby's dayoff). I just told him that we will be going somewhere on the 19 and his asking me where. I told him that it's a secret. He joked if I am planning to rape him...ahahahaha. Unfortunately, I can't since we will not be having an overnight stay (plus I can't afford to take another leave; I don't have VLs and SLs yet). So I told him that's not what I have in mind...hehehe.

It will still be a secret until we arrive to our destination on the 19. Don't worry I will tell you all about it and I will be posting visual proofs!


jan celiz-magtoto said...

hey joanne! i didn't know we have so many things in common. we're both born under the sign of leo. our husbands are both feb celebrants! alam mo ba that gino's bday is exactly on valentines! sabi ko nga sa kanya baduy! i never liked the date kase ever since. in my opinion masyado na-commercialize yung occasion. but since it's his bday, well, wala akong choice, we just have to celebrate it. his bday, that is, hindi yung valentines. hahaha!=)

Unknown said...

Hello! WOW! Dami nga nating common denominator Ü
Hubby's bday naman falls on feb 21. Buti na lang at di Feb 14. I'll surprise him on the 19th. Talagang pinag-isipan ko ito ng mga one month...hehehe.

Oks lang if you don't celebrate Valentines Day...After all, each day spent with your loved ones are more special ;)