Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Celebrating Valentines Day...

For 4 years that me and my hubby had been together as bf-gf, we never really had the chance to celebrate Valentines Day in a special and grandeur way/s like other couples do.

The main reason is our different working schedules. There are times that both of us will be working on a night shifts or sometimes I will be working at night and him during the day. Up to now, we still have different schedules. So we never have plans for Valentines day since I will be at the office working on a day shift while he sleeps at home since he works on a night shift. Just like the other years that passed, we will just send a text message greetings of Happy Valentines Day with a smiley & the never-ending I
U message.

But my hubby is in for a surprise this year! We will celebrate Valentines Day and his birthday on Feb. 19 (2-in-1 Celebration) which his not aware of

I already took a leave for that day (that's hubby's dayoff). I just told him that we will be going somewhere on the 19 and his asking me where. I told him that it's a secret. He joked if I am planning to rape him...ahahahaha. Unfortunately, I can't since we will not be having an overnight stay (plus I can't afford to take another leave; I don't have VLs and SLs yet). So I told him that's not what I have in mind...hehehe.

It will still be a secret until we arrive to our destination on the 19. Don't worry I will tell you all about it and I will be posting visual proofs!
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