Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beware of Quirino Avenue corner South Super Highway

I got this email from a fellow N@Wie 3 days ago. I was frightened after reading the stories shared by commuters and drivers who experienced an attempt of robbery while their cars/cabs are stuck in the traffic/slow traffic along South Super Highway near the intersection of San Andres.

Here's one story shared in the email...

"Ingat kayo when passing through South Super highway cor Quirino ave. On our way home from Makati , we took Buendia then turn right to south super highway, it was only 8pm and it was drizzling. We were cruising fine but it was a slow moving traffic. Right after San Andres st, there are these buildings which are modern version of home along the riles (near the Designers Depot), my wife screamed because somebody was trying to open the car from her side. Sensing that it was locked he moved to the back door and tried to open it likewise, we were stocked in traffic and i was stunned that I could not think of anything to do but just look at him. So when finally the traffic moved he also moved away casually tucking the gun in his belly and staring at me as if saying you are lucky you locked your door. Thank GOD my wife is so makulit in reminding me to lock the door evertime we go. Kaya to all you people beware of that place. Actually you should be alert & be cautious when passing through South Superhighway all the way to Nagtahan."

Apart from the story that I posted, there are other 5 stories of actual persons who experienced and witnessed the same thing near San Andres.

I always go by this route when going home late from office in a cab. Thank God that I haven't encountered being attacked by a male or group of males trying to open the doors of the cab.

I even shared this to my officemate who happens to lived near Nagtahan and she always goes by that route as well. She was frightened a bit and told me that there is a Police Post ALREADY near Designer's Depot. That's a good news then! I just hope that post has a police on duty.

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