Monday, February 18, 2008

The Bachelorette and OV Watch

Last Saturday I was watching the Tyra Banks Show and their topic is about women having a hard time to conceive.

One of their guest is Trista Rehn who is also known as "The Bachelorette". She married Ryan Sutter last December 6, 2003 whom she selected in the show.

Everyone of us might have thought that their life is a fairytale but that was not the case. They are having difficult time to have a baby. Trista had gone through fertility consultations and she even shared a gadget that she used. They call it the OV Watch which is a short term for Ovulation Watch. As Trista narrated she would wear the watch at night and it tells you the next morning if your fertile or ovulating. Finally, after all the efforts made by the two of them Maxwell was born last July 26, 2007. Among many others who have used the OV watch, Trista is one credible and known personality who shares her success story using the OV Watch. Guests on that show's episode got to bring home their very own OV watch.

Isn't it cool?! This is perfect for those who want to conceive and for those who wants to do the natural birth control. No need to stick your finger and check the mucus or count the days in the calendar for the safe and unsafe days....hehehe.

I wonder if anyone in the Philippines has this watch?

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