Friday, February 15, 2008

After Valentine's Day...

Another day has passed and everything is back to normal here at the office...hehehe. No more messengers delivering flowers, chocolates or gifts. No suprised officemates. NA-UH!

Yesterday was a different story. Two of my officemates received flowers from their bfs. One received a stuff pug dog from her bf as well. The rest of us (including me) didn't receive anything...hehehe.

One of my officemate brought chocolates and distribute it to our team (we are 13 here). How thoughtful and sweet! Someone is kind enough to share her blessings..hehehe.

Outside our office, you could see messengers carrying bouquet of flowers or stuffed animals to be delivered. I find it amusing when I see them.

On my part, I just greeted everyone a Happy Hearts Day including my hubby. We really don't celebrate Valentines day. It's just like a regular day. Nothing special. So it means, I have nothing to share concerning Valentines Day....hehehehe.

And today, it's just another day. The aura of yesterday has gone. But I'm looking forward for this day (than Hearts Day) to come since it's payday! Hahahaha! And of course, weekend is just around the corner. Also, I'm just 4 days away for my surprise to hubby...

To all who celebrated Valentines day, hope you had a lovely & memorable one and let's remember LOVING each other EVERYDAY and make it special.

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