Friday, February 1, 2008

On Changes

Sigh!...what a way to start the month. A couple of hours ago I arrived at the office here in Makati. My daily routine was logging to my PC, checking emails, open all the tools needed for the day and sign-in to YM (Yup! you heard it right, we are allowed to use YM here since it's one of the best ways we communicate to our work-related buddies in the US).

Anyways, there is one particular email that caught my attention. It came from our big boss which is in PA, US. His informing us that our manager who handles our team is no longer connected to the company. Surprise?! This really came a shocker because just last week our manager was here in Manila and conduct some training for our new database that we will be using and of course, he make it a point to have a one-on-ones with us since his based in US and his trying his best to catch up with all of us...personally and professionally.

Can't believe this is happening. All of us here in the office are shocked, sad, upset and curious. Our big boss can't do anything about it because it's the company that made the decision.

I was teary eyed when I was reading those emails. Somehow, I felt close to our manager though I was not able to joined the team with their Friday nightouts during his last visit. He even lend me some DVDs to watched (I know it's kind of low/lame but what the heck?! It's the thought that matters). I observed that his trying every possible way to connect with everyone of us. He even treated us for a bowling game...sigh!

I will surely miss this guy! He may be tall, strict and frank at work. But inside, his a kind person with childish ways. Yeah! That's one of the things that I will surely miss.

Apart from those emails, most of us in the team knows that 2 of our members will be leaving us to pursue a different career path. I know both of them have their own personal reasons to come up with this kind of decision. Geeez... what can we do? As much as we wanted them to stay here with us for the whole year, we can't change the fact that every people have different wants, needs and goals in life.

Ahhh...CHANGES are the only thing/s that is CONSTANT in this WORLD. The only way you can deal is to cope up with it and make the best out of it.


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