Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking Haggard

I should've posted this yesterday but since I'm so ready to go home I just signed out from my blog and the other tools I'm using in the office and shutdown my PC. Free Smileys at Clipart OF.com

I'm so stressed out yesterday. I'm working on these 2 requirements and I'm having trouble getting the ideal candidate to be presented to my boss in the US. Geeez! I looked older yesterday than any other days that I've started working here.

One of my officemate who is a gay noticed the haggardness on my face and this is our conversation...

Gay Officemate: "Joanne, you look haggard today. Do you have a problem? Are you and your husband broke up?"
Me: (knock on wood 3 times) "Loka! We are still together"

Oh well, can't blame them if they have that perception. After all, last month I'm always ranting on how my husband is so into playing DOTA that there are times that I want to leave him....hehehehe.

Hopefully, this day will be better. My officemate advise me to put a cheek tint. Hmmm... I'm not really into makeup but it doesn't hurt to get preppy every once in awhile, right?
Free Smileys at Clipart OF.com

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